About Us

ECO-Comfort is an organization built from 30+ Years in the Health & Wellness Industry. Our purpose for being in the Insulating Industry is not to sell foam! We use our background to work with each client, optimizing the value of their project! We found a huge need for this in our own work and now share it with everyone!

Our Clients include everyone!
Current Homeowners wanting to decrease energy costs, mold, cold floors and poor indoor air quality, New Home Construction, Architects, Barns, Factory upgrades, Industry, Colleges, Hospitals, Government…and yes, Chicken Farmers!

ECO-Comfort is an organization you will feel comfortable with! The information you receive will set you free to a project that is Financially Preferable and Secure, Better Air Quality, Quieter and with an unparalleled Comfort Level….reducing stress and adding to the Quality of Life!